Luxury Wine Cellar

Every where I go, someone asks about the last wine cellar so here it is!

This client is a returning client. I have lost count how many projects I have done in their house though most people remember them from their viral Christmas Tree Door. This house was built with this wine cellar in mind. It was one of the last things they put into place, waiting until the house was completed before we started installing. We installed just in time for their Christmas party so they were able to debut the doors and wine cellar at the same time!

Woman in wine cellar reaching for wine bottle.

This project was really cool for me, not only because it was the first project in my new shop, but because it was in my shop being built when all my Byrus family was here visiting and they all got to see it in progress.

I built this project out of Mahogany Hardwood. The design was floor to ceiling with diamonds on the bottom and individual bottle racks on top. The display rack was set on a 15 degree angle in lieu of a countertop. On the opposite wall, is an Oak countertop which was harvested from the client’s property. On the same wall is a similar diamond bottle rack, which is recessed in a niche. The racks were finished with General Finishes water based stain in Espresso with a lacquer clear coat.

We came back after completion and added in a custom ladder to be able to easily get to the higher shelves. The ladder was built our of maple and finished with the same stain to match the wine cellar.

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