Innovative Christmas Tree Door

Discover the Unique Christmas Tree Door

Our latest project, affectionately called “The Christmas Tree Door,” quickly became a favorite among our social media followers. Designed specifically to hide a Christmas tree for 10 months of the year, this door has become a standout feature in their home.

Meeting the Clients and Understanding the Vision

I first met these clients at the beginning of the year. They contacted me after seeing my truck and, interestingly, had also hired a few other companies owned by my high school acquaintances for various aspects of their new home. During our initial consultation, we discussed creating a wall or door to conceal the Christmas tree. After evaluating the space, I had a clear vision of how to bring this unique idea to life. These challenging builds are my passion—I thrive on creating something new and beautiful.

Crafting the Door

The door was meticulously crafted from high-quality maple hardwood. It was finished with a BAC wiping stain and a lacquer clear coat, enhancing its natural beauty and durability. Standing at 12 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide, this door is both imposing and elegant. While I could detail the intricate building process, the installation and final product are best appreciated visually. For size reference in the video, note that I am 6’4″ tall.

See the Door in Action

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