Farmhouse Bath Perfection!

The Details

We love EVERYTHING about this bathroom. The bathroom originally had dark brown cabinets, a brown counter top, one large mirror, and travertine tile. It was beautiful before, but this after gives us allllll the feels.


This is the perfect Farmhouse bath. Let’s start with the gorgeous shiplap. This wife was adamant that she wanted floor to ceiling shiplap. It was a bit interesting to complete because these walls had tile halfway up the walls for a wainscoting appearance.

Behind the door was an awkward and hard to access bathroom closet. We removed the door and the shelves and continued with the shiplap. We made this more into a changing closet than a linen closet. Greg suggested building a bench for the kids.

The Cabinets

The updated cabinet was next in completing this look. We suggested a mint green cabinet and boy, did it not disappoint! The original bathroom was designed for a teenage girl, complete with a beautiful bowl sink and make up vanity. But now, this bathroom has a couple pint-sized occupants. We suggested the double sinks for their own spaces. To take it one step further, we gave them each a cabinet and their own set of drawers. We used Starmark Cabinetry and special ordered this color since it’s not one they offer. We chose Sherwin Williams “Rainwashed”. (For the hardware, we just picked our a set from Lowes that we thought looked both dainty and like it belonged in a Farmhouse.)

The Shower

Casey suggested they do white subway tile to complete the look. The key to the Farmhouse subway tile is to restart the pattern every 4th row, not every 3rd, as most DYIers tend to do. The black grout also makes it perfectly pop. We LOVE the gray accent pieces to separate the white subway tile and white shiplap!

Farmhouse bath: subway tile

The Finishing Touches

For the finishing decor, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge. The gray mirrors were found at Target. The B and W wall art is from Hobby Lobby. The galvanized lavender decor was and the sign in the changing room was found at Kohl’s. The towel basket is a mystery. It was part of a baby shower gift they received and matched perfectly!