Barn Door Show Piece

This was a truly custom barn door project! 

It’s an odd sized opening, there wasn’t enough space for just double doors to slide, they wanted a certain profile, they wanted white, and they needed it quick. 

No problem! I got bi-pass track so we could use 4 smaller doors instead. I custom built these doors for the space and built them thicker than normal to close any gaps. I wanted them to be as close as possible. 

Of course, I even had some assistance from my favorite dirty-faced wingwoman.

In order for these doors to not glide passed where they should sit when closed, I had to customize the bottom guides. 

These door tracks gave me a little bit of run for money for some reason, which I’ve never had a problem with before. I put the track up, and it just wasn’t right. Would the home owner have noticed? Maybe, maybe not. But I sure did. So take it down and re-do it until it’s perfect. 

End result, what do you think?!