Upgraded Entry Way

Raised Paneling in the Foyer

Have you ever looked a room in your house and said, "It's just so.... boring"? I think a lot of us have at some point or another. Take this simple entry way for example. This home owner has a very common floor plan, there is just really nothing special about it's layout or design.

Raised Paneling Foyer

But! You don't have to remodel your entire house to add some style to it. This entry and hallway leading to the kitchen just needed some sprucing up.

These homeowners at 2 requirements:

  • His- It needed to resemble something you'd see in an old house. He's an old soul who loves the looks of old homes, but lives in SWFL. There just isn't a lot of those homes here.
  • Her- She, of course, is a fan of the modern farmhouses. She wanted to make sure that it would match the rest of the house, even though only the hallway was getting the update.

In order to ensure we captured both requirements, we suggested the farmhouse blue (Behr: Air Blue) that would look amazing with the dark wooden door and and bright white paneling.

To make the front door look even more rich, Greg Byrus added a larger header to the top and included crown.

To create the raised paneling, he used 3/4 inch, MDF board. After Greg measured the length and divided it equally to create the size of the even panels all the way down the hall, he chose the profile he thought would best match their vision  and got to routing.

Raised Paneling Foyer After

The final product is one that you'd find in a movie. They loved the result and think it perfectly matched what they were looking for. The best part of it all, Greg was able to complete the project in just a couple days- and loved every minute of it!

Raised Paneling Greg Byrus