Beautiful Foyer With Wooden Beams

These clients are are retuning clients and wanted to make their foyer a show piece. Using these wooden beams will definitely change the feel of the entryway of this home. It brings a warmer touch to it and also helps define the foyer from the rest of the house.

The wooden beams are 8”x14”x12’ tall and made of Cypress to cover the metal support posts. The beams had to be cut with a channel down the middle to fit over the metal post. This was done with a Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch 16-5/16″ then cleaned out with a hand chisel. I wish I would have thought to take video as these beams took three guys to install!

Let me know what you think of this idea. If you want to bring life into your home using wooden accents, fill out the form below for an estimate.